Gangbooking is an integrated management platform for reservations, admission and ticketing. Totally customizable to your business model and adapted to the digital shift.

Our goal: To remain flexible to your needs and thus take part in the realization of your projects as a business partner.

Who is Gangbooking for?

If your operations require the management of reservations, admissions and presales, Gangbooking is for you!

Examples of sectors served by Gangbooking:


Tourist and sport


Show and events


Reception / Wedding


Corporate and social


Candy and country table



Innovation Gangbooking: Allow your customers to form a group by offering, the individualized payment where each member of the group pays his share, from the reservation.

Increase your income by eliminating “no show.”

And decrease your time expenses related to the management of your bookings.

Let your groups manage themselves!

Secure online payment

GangBooking uses a certified payment platform that meets the highest standards and norms of the payment industry

User Pays

No charge for the merchant
The costs are covered by the customers when they buy tickets

Gangbooking fees
Payment Processing Fee

“Does not require a credit card terminal, only a bank account for automated deposits »

No subscription, no installation fees and no monthly payments

Gangbooking allows you to modulate by yourself, the portion of the fees you absorb and those left in ticket fees. Everything fits your choice, depending on your business model.

Contact us to know our pricing scenarios adapted to your business reality.